Friday, November 13, 2009


So I'm watching Stripes with my roommate.

War movies were very different in the early 80s than they are now. They seem a lot slower but maybe that's because our attention spans have gotten that much shorter.

I'm thinking about Tropic Thunder when I'm thinking about comparisons. That movie is more about the movie industry than the army, so that's probably not fair.

I wouldn't say this movie is hiliarious... I'm watching it more so I can better understand my dad and one of my bosses at work.

I remember how awesome it was to finally watch Animal House and figure out that for most of my childhood, I had been grooving to the soundtrack and had no idea. I'm hoping I'm going to have a similar epiphany pretty soon... this movie is getting pretty long.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Pictures would really help on this blog. Management is aware of the problem and is taking steps to fix it. Thank you for your concern.

WalMart used to be really trashy, right? I used to think so.... now, have my standards sunk a lot or is WalMart really stepping up their act? If I could shop there when no one else was there, I think I'd really enjoy it. I'm wearing my $11 yoga pants I bought there yesterday and I really like them.

I'm just sayin.

I learned today to be thankful for the job I have. I don't always love it, but today I learned that nowhere else would I have the freedom and autonomy I'm allowed now. And I have to remember I don't plan on staying here forever. I got plans man. I'm gonna make it BIG someday!

I put my foot down and didn't go to the gym tonight. Instead I spent a long time catching up with an amazing co-worker, came home to compare hangovers with my roommate (last night was her birthday and we celebrated like ROCK STARS), made salmon and broccoli for dinner and am enjoying a beer (or 2) for dessert. Perfect.

I've just found that it's not always fun to be a slave to your schedule... even if the activities are fun things. Sometimes I just want to say NO.

So You Think You Can Dance is on. I really want to be a dancer. I'm pretty sure dancing is going to have to stay a hobby for me. I don't think I have the dedication to be a real dancer. I didn't go to bellydancing because I didn't WANT to tonight... and I'm pretty sure that's a hanging offense to a REAL dancer.

Woo hoo! Catching up 2 weeks into NaBloPoMo. I'm ON the ball! :)