Saturday, November 19, 2005

I'm quitting my job and becoming a slut in Las Vegas. Not even a paid professional, although my experience will increase over time until I might be called a pro by some. I never want to get married, I never want to have kids, I never want any of the stuff I once thought I wanted. If I really believed this, it might make my life easier.

See, I do want to get married, I do want to have kids and my boyfriend knows it. And now he wants to use this information to help him get a better rate on his car insurance. I'm sure that's not what he thought when he agreed to go with his friend's plan (that sells all kinds of insurance and wants to help my S.O. because he was recently fired and lost his company truck.) But that's what I thought of when said friend started explaining that if I would pretend I was married on my new policy, I and my "husband" would get better rates. I already have car insurance. I don't need to change, thank you very much. And especially not at the expense of something that I hold very dear and my S.O. doesn't think very much of.

Okay, so I might be a little drunk and I might be a little irritable since I'm getting sick and it seems that every girl at our tailgate is hotter than me, no matter what I do, but that's besides the point. My S.O. should have talked to me about this alone, not let his friend bring it up. That might have made it better...

I'm sure I'll regret this post when I sober up. I always do. And probably erase it. But, we'll see.

I'm out, bitches.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

20 Reasons why I love my Boyfriend (M); A Year and a Half Tribute Post:

1. He's such a teddy bear even when he's grumpy.
2. He'll eat anything I cook and compliment me even if it's overdone or tastes like ass.
3. He buys me a super-soft blanket (when I already have 5) just because he knows I love it.
4. He can fix anything, anytime, anywhere (and I'm not even exaggerating... he's amazing with his hands.)
5. He complements me perfectly--he's a Math guy, I'm an English girl... he can figure out stuff that makes me feel like a complete idiot.
6. He makes me feel like I can accomplish anything I want with just a decision.
7. He can't keep his hands off of me.
8. He makes me feel like the most gorgeous woman in the world--no matter where we are or what we're doing...whether we're in Home Depot or a bar downtown.
9. He tells me he loves me every time he thinks it.
10. He has had friends for 30 years that he still talks to on a daily basis.
11. He has inpeccable manners.
12. He has an incredibly dirty mind.
13. He loves that I get all his dirty jokes--and he loves my equally dirty mind.
14. He motivates me.
15. He supports every decision I make.
16. He helps me see the truth of things.
17. He's the only guy in the room that doesn't drool over the new hot blonde girl in our circle of friends.
18. I never see him checking out other women.
19. He tells me how beautiful he thinks I am every time he sees me.
20. I'm never afraid to totally be myself around him.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's getting so old...

The honeymoon's over. I've been at this job for almost a year now, and I'm officially sick of it. I just don't give a damn anymore about doing a good job, and am thinking that what I get paid to do (obvs not enough--I wouldn't be complaining if it were!) is such a load of bullshit that in about a year, my company will discover they don't need my department anymore. The sales people can do exactly what they've been doing--nothing--and no sales will be lost. Ain't nuthin gonna stop these muthas from gittin theys liquor!

So I'm putting my resume in with a pharmaceutical company. Supposedly there's someone who may be retiring (I know, way to hang in there for the sure thing, right?) and I'm getting pretty excited about trying for this job. It's $$$. My super boyfriend thinks that I'm so pretty, I'll be a shoo-in, but of course he would. I guess I should get my ass in gear and start working on that resume... I'd be willing to jump through some hoops for more than twice what they pay me now, plus bonuses and a company car. I'm such a whore. :)

Oh, and M's getting me a puppy for Christmas! I'm not supposed to talk about it to him anymore since that's all I've been doing, but I'm a research person! I look shit up! And I obsess about it... but what the hell. Shit's gotta git done right!

And, I'm audi.