Monday, August 01, 2005

Sweet Little Monkeys

Our Promo Team!!Posted by Picasa

Here we are... aren't we cute? This was from our dinner with the Big Bosses. They took us out to make us like them so we'd stop asking them for stuff that they promised us months ago... no, I'm sure their intentions were pure... but the whole experience was a little like watching monkeys in the zoo. Except we were the monkeys. Dinner was great... we went to this fantastic restaurant in Atlanta called Rathbuns. It's in the middle of nowhere--thank God Google gives perfect directions. Anyway... back to work.

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Nutmeg said...

cute pic, looks like so much fun! sorry i haven't updated my blog in awhile..had a lot of out of town visitors..namely tom and anita, was so much fun, but have more guests this weekend, so i'm just trying to get rest before the up and coming chaos comes again :) miss ya!