Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Out of Control Voyuerism

I'm late again. And about to be even later after I'm done writing this. Want to know why I'm late?

Celebrity gossip. Really. How stupid is that? Why do I care that Britney has chopped off all her hair and looks really awful or that Anna Nicole Smith lost her shit at Myrtle Beach (that was really freaking funny.) I'm addicted... I envy these people and I love to make fun of them. I used to feel that they should be left alone... they're just doing their job and how would I like it if every time I stepped out of the house there were photographers in my face?

And you know what? It's NOT me! It's never going to be me--I am never going to be a celebrity or have as much money as these people have. Sooooooo, GO GETTUM!! Tell me everything stupid or embarrassing they do so I won't envy them anymore... Make me glad that I don't have to "make sure I wear cute sweats to Starbucks" (as Crazy Katie Holmes has said.) I like that I can wander around in jeans that haven't been washed in a week with my greasy hair and no makeup and not worry that someone is going to wonder if I've turned into a crackwhore.

You know what else? The celebrity-voyeur craze has gotten so out of control that even minor Has-beens are cashing in. Anyone seen an episode of Being Bobby Brown? I hope neither he nor Whitney ever works again after allowing themselves to be taped behaving like that. I want to look away or turn the channel but I can't... I want to see what they're going to do next. And I guess that's the draw to these shows. What will they do to fuck up next? WATCH AND SEE!! (and be glad it isn't you!)

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