Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's getting so old...

The honeymoon's over. I've been at this job for almost a year now, and I'm officially sick of it. I just don't give a damn anymore about doing a good job, and am thinking that what I get paid to do (obvs not enough--I wouldn't be complaining if it were!) is such a load of bullshit that in about a year, my company will discover they don't need my department anymore. The sales people can do exactly what they've been doing--nothing--and no sales will be lost. Ain't nuthin gonna stop these muthas from gittin theys liquor!

So I'm putting my resume in with a pharmaceutical company. Supposedly there's someone who may be retiring (I know, way to hang in there for the sure thing, right?) and I'm getting pretty excited about trying for this job. It's $$$. My super boyfriend thinks that I'm so pretty, I'll be a shoo-in, but of course he would. I guess I should get my ass in gear and start working on that resume... I'd be willing to jump through some hoops for more than twice what they pay me now, plus bonuses and a company car. I'm such a whore. :)

Oh, and M's getting me a puppy for Christmas! I'm not supposed to talk about it to him anymore since that's all I've been doing, but I'm a research person! I look shit up! And I obsess about it... but what the hell. Shit's gotta git done right!

And, I'm audi.

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