Friday, December 30, 2005

The Procrastination Station

Christmas is over... didn't it go so fast? I think the earth actually spins faster sometimes, because I'm not the only person that thinks our Christmas season has sped by. It's probably just the pace we're all living at now... waaaaay too fast. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. I'll be spending it at a "cocktail party" where supposedly we're all supposed to dress up, but I'm not really feelin that. I'm never comfortable when I'm all tucked, pulled and made up. I act all weird... like I'm supposed to be more elegant and eloquent when I look like that... and that, of course, makes me seem the opposite. So, I may just crash the party in my jeans and flip flops. M doesn't want to dress up either, but that's because he's gained some weight and may not have clothes that fit him. He's been acting like a girl, complaining about how fat he is, but still polishing off a gallon of ice cream and a pizza in a night. Stupid. I'm dragging him to the gym with me when I start going again (I'm not getting in to that.)

So. Any resolutions? I'm not sure I have any. My manager wants us to turn in Goals for the new year at work. What the hell should I write? It's not exactly a job that has a lot of growth potential... Not with all the people that tell us what we can and can't do. I guess I'll just make something up. I got through school that way, and I seem to have done alright. Maybe that's what my teachers meant when they called me creative. :)

My resolutions... I'll have to think about this. Probably to stop procrastinating, but I have until Sunday to get them down.

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