Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My teeth have sweaters on them. They probably feel like that because I haven't brushed them yet today. Before you get all grossed out, I've been working on organizing M's dining room/my storage area since 10am, no kidding. Did I mention that he didn't help at all? Well, that's not entirely true... I begged him to help me break down boxes and throw out all the empty beer bottles before his friend came over and he did, a little. But now I'm hiding in his room watching the Rose Bowl because I'm too embarrassed to be out there seeing the mess through fresh eyes. If I wanted the house to be as clean as I'd like it to be, I'd be picking up after these boys every single day and I'm just not going to do that. So the house is worse that disgusting. I'm afraid if the cops showed up for any reason, they would take our dogs and report us to Animal Control or whatever agency rescues pets. I'm only exaggerating a little. It really is that bad. And I can deal with it if it's just our dirty little secret, but when Matt actually invites his friends over and won't clean up, I'm hiding in the room.

Venting is nice, huh? I've been so incredibly unproductive today. I should have been doing so much more work than I got done. I know that because I organized all my crap, it should make me more efficient in the long run, but I have to play catch up tomorrow. And I'm training a new girl... that will be a little awkward: I know I've said that all this is done, but it's really not and don't tell anyone, okay? Yeah. That'll be a great first impression. Oh well. Gotta break them in somehow, right?

I need another beer. I have more crap to vent but I'd rather just forget it and watch Texas beat the crap out of USC (I hope. UGA disppointed me so much I can barely talk about it. I actually had nightmares about the Sugar Bowl.)

I'm out.

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