Friday, February 10, 2006

Back to Work

Is there anything as satisfying as the sound of an ankle popping? I've sprained my ankle(s) numerous times and each time they heal, if I move my ankle just right, I'll get it to crack. The louder the crack, the more satisfying it is to me. Weird? I also pull the dead skin off my feet and pick my nose (using a tissue, of course) so maybe I'm just weird. Or gross.

I've been sick for about 2 weeks now. I blame it partly on my boyfriend. He's sick too but I can still remember when I was well... and then he got me sick. Jerk. Of course, beer and liquor do not make anything better and I didn't stop drinking until a couple of days ago (and it was damn time too... you know you're hitting it too hard when nothing tastes good anymore.) Everyone once in a while I feel like absolute ASS but I'm getting by alright.

It's funny to me how every aptitude test I've ever taken (including the ones on, which I paid for because I'm an idiot) tell me I should be an actress or a journalist. I have wanted to be both in my lifetime and even went so far as to get a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at a pretty well known J-school and have chosen so far not to use it at all. Instead I'm a slave to my phone and other people's schedules. My job is pretty fun but not so challenging or stimulating. They (the Powers That Be) try, but I think I need something that's going to keep me busy and challenged on a daily basis. I'm looking, that's for sure... probably about as hard as my lazy-ass boyfriend is... and I have a job!

Alright... back to work.

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