Saturday, January 21, 2006

Apparently I am of dubious character...

Man, what is wrong with me? I joined a sorority in college, drained my dad's bank account, got shitty grades while seriously fucking up my credit, had to live with my mom for a year while going to school locally so that I could get back into the University I left and didn't hear from any of "my sisters" in the sorority once I left. When I came back to school, I didn't want to have anything to do with them--not just because I realized that I didn't have any true friends in there (with the notable exception of a few, but they left the sorority too... how interesting) but because I realized I didn't need that kind of pressure in my life. I hated feeling like I was always trying to catch up to everyone else and that I had to go along to get along. I'm a very independent person... I hated feeling left out if I wasn't doing what everyone else was all the time. It turns out that I'm an alumni. Some how I fell through the cracks and they didn't make me "officially" quit, but everyone knows I did. Of course, since I'm listed as an alumni, I'm using that to whatever advantage I can. I put it on my resume, for example. Anything for a foot in the door, right?

So. There's all that. And then I joined My Space. And I put in a request to join the sorority's group. I did that before I checked the comments and found that there is an alumni on the advisory board of the chapter that I used to belong to who lives in my town and wants to meet other "sisters". If she finds a way to contact me, I'm going to basically tell her to fuck off (much nicer than that.) But what does that say about me? Why did I join that group? Just to have it on my profile? Wow, I'm pretty superficial.

I really hate it when I make extremely unflattering realizations about myself.

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