Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lists! I love Lists!

Here's one:

What I've been doing lately (because who isn't just DYING to know??)

1. I'm working my ass off. Seriously. I love it. WAY better than my last job.

2. Thinking that I never want to find a "real" job again. I love this one--but I think I've mentioned that already.

3. Been planning on going to the store to buy Drano for my clogged bathtub but haven't remembered...

4. Been thinking that if I don't unclog said drain I'm going to have to soak the tub in bleach. For a week.

5. Thinking that maybe I should erase that last entry because it's kind of a gross mental image (well it is NOW!!)

6. Drinking way too much coffee. I really should have gone shopping after work instead of coming back here to stare at my computer and wish I could sleep...

7. I got a library card! I'm so excited. The public library is so much nicer than I expected it to be... and there are so many books to read! (it's been years since I was in a public library... even my the library at my university.)

8. Reconnecting with an old friend.

9. Exercising whenever I get the chance... and so is Sam.

10. Drinking "beer" that my brother and his girlfriend smuggled in to me from Iowa. Iowa is not really known for their beer--there's a reason. If you've tried it, you know what I mean.

11. Finally growing slightly tired... maybe enough to go to sleep.

12. Thinking that Steel Magnolias is a good movie to fall asleep to. ;)

I'm out.

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