Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So last night was about par for the course of my life right now.

I drank way too much, got in a huge fight with my s.o. (thankfully after we left the bar), drove home (with him machine-gun calling me to tell me that if I get arrested he's not bailing me out of jail--obvs I made it home alright... there are no computers in jail), ordered way too much pizza and passed the eff out on the couch.

I did not accomplish anything on my To Do List yesterday unless I had forgotten to put down "spend all the money you made working 12 hours yesterday."

I tell everyone that I'm taking some time off... I think what I really mean is that I'm taking time to be lazy and not think about my future at all. Am I still getting over being fired? Maybe. I found a book yesterday in a Used Bookstore called "Fat, Forty and Fired" and immediately bought it. I was so relieved to find it, I almost cried in the store. The cover says it's an advance reading copy and not for resale, so I'm not quite sure what to think of the content. I've read the intro and one page and I have high hopes. Surely this book will give me some direction. Ha. What I really need is a shove.

I'm also looking for a roommate. I'm going to post on Craigs List and in the paper... I really like my apartment and don't want to go through the hassle of breaking the lease but I also don't want to have another conversation like the one I'm about to have with the property manager about my very very late rent. I hate having roommates but if I get to pick this one, maybe it won't be so bad. Ha again. I guess we'll see.

Everyone asks me what am I doing... the real answer is I don't know. I feel like I tried the easy way--taking whatever opportunities fell into my lap--and it sucked. My dad is praying (literally) that I find a job in the field in which I worked for a degree. So far this blog is all the writing I've been motivated to do. Keeping with the relentlessly positive philosophy I've adopted, I'm encouraged. It's a start.

And now it's the end. There is more loafing to do before I have to wash my ass and head to work.

Here's to hoping Inspiration will beat me over the head on the way. :)

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