Tuesday, September 27, 2005

No, I really am jealous, superficial and wannabe-fake.

So I was checking out Casey Reinhardt's MySpace profile (get the link at pinkisthenewblog.com--the best and most addictive website in existence!) and is it wrong that I wish I was her?

She's gorgeous, rich, and could probably have whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. I sat there reading her (slightly less than intelligent) blurbs about herself, feeling myself get toadier by the second when it occured to me, she's got fake tits. And fake hair. And probably caps on her teeth. BUT, who really cares? What she's done is the same as taking a great car and suping it up until it's the hottest thing on the road. Other people drive the same great car, they just don't have either the time, money or desire to make it the hottest, fastest thing anyone has ever seen. They have to get to work on time or get their kids to school and they can't worry about all that extra shit.

So I pulled myself out of toad-dom and felt better. I know I'm a pretty girl, I just don't have time for all that crap. And that brings me to the conclusion that Casey is not better than me! (or you!) Hey, that even means that all those bitches on Laguna Beach are not better than me. (or you, again!!) On that note: It's really funny to me that the bitches of the show are now claiming that they're not really that bitchy, that MTV edited the footage to create a "character" of them. Riiiiiiiiiight. You're just a bitch. Deal with it. (you can check out all the Laguna bitches on pinkisthe newblog.com. I told you it's addictive.)

Okay, so now I have to drag my ass to the gym, to try to work off probably 3 years of fat I've been diligently putting on and storing in my gut. Wish me luck.

I'm out, bitches.

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