Monday, January 16, 2006

Paradigm of Productivity:

1. Stay up until 5am talking to your boyfriend about past relationships; feel icky at first, then grow closer through the process.
2. Sleep until 9am, then watch episodes of Charmed and ER on TNT until boyfriend gets up.
3. Eat bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats while watching TV.
4. Boyfriend gets up, boyfriend goes back to sleep, make egg sandwich while finishing ER.
5. Boyfriend wakes up, take out dog, throw ball, eat yogurt while watching beginning of CSI marathon on Spike TV.
6. Continue on couch watching CSI until boyfriend leaves to pick up roommate stranded at Pep Boys.
7. Fall back to sleep.
8. Wake up when boyfriend returns with roommate, take out dog, throw ball, come in and watch TV with boyfriend and pot-smoking roommate.
9. Take shots of Makers Mark out of 50ml bottle with boyfriend while watching Napoleon Dynamite (in which roommate was part of cast.)
10. Eat 1 piece each of 2 pizzas that boyfriend and roommate have cooked because they're high. Grab beer and escape to bedroom to play on computer.
11. Continue to watch CSI marathon while searching through fav websites.
12. Consider getting another beer.
13. Try to work up motivation to go to gym for Spinning class or Step/Abs at 5:30.
14. Scrap gym idea, try to work up motivation to get to work.

And here we are. Fourteen bullets, starting at 9am. Man, am I lazy or what? Well, you know, it's a holiday, right? I don't want any crap about how I should be doing something for the community in honor of Dr. King... I'm doing my part for the environment by not driving my car. Bite me.

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