Thursday, June 09, 2005

I am Exercising!!!

I'm about to go run/walking for the 2nd day in a row!! Yesterday I had boundless energy but today I'm going to be dragging a bit more... could be the fries, queso and 2 beers that I had with dinner, but I'm not going to let that stop me!! I am a running machine!!

Then I'm going back to the bar to pick up my drunkass boyfriend whom I left there in the company of his equally drunkass friend. Now that's going to be funny. Here's to hoping they don't get WAY too drunk and get tired of waiting for me, decide they're able to drive and end up at the titty bar downtown. Not because I'm against titty bars, which I'm not, but they won't let a girl in without a male escort (to cut down on the jealous/insane wives/girlfriends, you understand) and it will probably cost me money to see girls dance around in pasties and Gstrings. I can see that on Skinemax for free at home.

My boyfriend is so funny... we have so much fun together. It's weird to meet someone that has so much the same mind as me, who really understands me. Enough mush. I should enjoy it while I can because when I go pick him up, he'll do nothing but irritate me. He's really good at it.

Off I go to get my run on!!

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