Thursday, June 02, 2005

Sometimes when someone tells me a story, it gets stuck in my head forever.

Especially if I'm in a situation that's similar to the story I heard.

So about 7 years ago, I was working at Chilis in Augusta and we had this restaurant manager that liked to fraternize with the servers. A LOT. Apparently he felt comfortable telling us anything because this is what I remember him saying:

"Girls can get pregnant at any time--even on her cycle. That's how [insert name of girlfriend turned wife] got pregnant. "

Now, I believed it when I heard it, but in reality, there are only 24 hours out of the month for a normal girl to get pregnant. And for her to get pregnant on her cycle, they must have done it when she first started. And for me, the beginning of my cycle is a time of hiding underneath huge clothes, sleeping with heating pads and whining. It's also the heaviest time of the month. It's just gross.

This is why that story disturbs me: Every time after I have sex, I try to remember when I took my birth control pill and I think of that story. And every time I think of that story, I picture that manager's face telling us how he had sex with his wife during the heaviest part of her cycle which is just disgusting enough, but why would you tell people that? (Even if he didn't put it like that, people who know will know, if you know what I mean.) And then think about the one time I had sex during my cycle (it was ONLY one time and it was so disturbing that I'll never do it again.)

And this story was told to me 7 years ago. Apparently I will remember anything if told in the right context.

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