Friday, June 10, 2005

A stripper grabbed my boobs!!

We did end up at the titty bar last night!!

It was the most fun I'd ever had at a strip club with my boyfriend. It was also the first time I sat at the stage and definitely the first time a stripper has grabbed my breasts.

We all got ridiculously drunk and I knew it was time to leave when my friend wanted to hook up with the stripper that grabbed me (which I didn't hate, by the way.)

Now my boyfriend is sleeping on the couch and has been all day, after begging me to kill him when he woke up this morning. I'm trying to get motivated to do some work but so far all I've done is log in more than a few movie hours. Right now it's "Tequila Sunrise" and it's really good.


Nutmeg said...

that reminds me of the time your mom grabbed my boobs!! i didn't mind THAT either! glad you had fun, you so crazy..thats what i love about ya.

houston was hot, but when i got back to d.c. it was just as steamy..had to do a lot of work and a lot of shmoozing dinners, so i didn't see many sights, if any. mostly just saw a lot of restaurants and alot of stuffed dead animals at the oil company i audited...freaky stuff. like one of the deer heads had a tongue sticking out. i swear it was taunting me, that little deer whore...

Nutmeg said...

yeah, i think i get depressed when i drink too often and if i'm alone the next day, must be going through that lonely phase after you break up with someone, like i notice i've been sleeping holding pillows...but i also think its just been a rough couple of weeks, that probably adds to it.

have fun at Pride in Atlanta, usually its a fun group who are out celebrating. i'll bet you end up getting drunk, wake up and have a rainbow tattooed across your a$$!

and watch your mouth, angelina is down to earth!! obviously you don't watch as many entertainment shows as i do or read her interviews as relgiously as me---by the way, best gossipy blog ever is
so yeah, she used to be crazy but now she's got a kid and is humbled and realizes she can't be self destructive anymore. erin, seriously..would i lie to you? would angelina lie to her fans???? ;0 be continued. by the way, we had the first game of our kickball tournament today and we won!! i had a stellar kick towards the end of the game and got around all the bases and boy you should have seen me was like i was joggin in place...seriously, i cannot run!

Nutmeg said...

did you ever get in touch with Sarah??

Megan said...

hey grrl. hope ya feel better and i do hope you and sarah can meet up sometime, wish i was there as well, i wish georgia and DC weren't so far apart...that'd be awesome if it was like DC and NY where you can take a train for maybe 3 - 4 hours to get there. i've been having one of those busy weeks where i'm running around doing stuff, i'm just a girl who can't say no. like tonight i was going to stay home and just chill but my friend at work told me that our friend has an art showing tonight and there's free wine of course and i'm thinking it would be nice to support him, its not far from my house...but i know i can't resist free wine and free wine can lead to total debauchery. so i'm hoping i don't get outta control, i don't understand this whole self-control thing, its such a new concept to me..hah. ok, just wanted to say hey, i know what you mean bout the blogs, i always feel like mine are retarded as hell, then i think "who gives a shit? i AM retarded, embrace it!"