Wednesday, July 06, 2005


So I went to get a credit card today. I want it for work--I have an expense account but I rarely have money to spend for it. A credit card with a limit the exact amount of my expense account would be perfect, right?

I have yet to find out if I was approved. There are some questionable, uh, let's say... instances, in my past that may land me on the disapproval list.

Okay. Let's be honest. There are more than a few instances that would make them want to kick me out of the building laughing the whole way. And with each question the bank guy asked, I got more anxious. I tore my nails to pieces while I was sitting there... I hope the guy didn't notice. I almost started laughing imagining this nice professional guy get so upset that someone like me would dare to ask him for a line of credit that he'd pick up his computer, shirt splitting the the Hulk, throw it out the window while roaring GET OUT (like Ahnold) !!!!

But of course... it was all in my head. Real life is never as dramatic or spontaneous as I imagine it.

I just finished watching Any Given Sunday and I might just watch it again. I love football movies! I can't wait for football season to start. I was never a huge football fan but I love all the drama and superstition that diehard fans get wrapped up in--especially my bf. He and his friends are so superstitious, they'll wear the same clothes without washing them, insist on sitting in the same place and one friend of bf's had to squeeze my shoulder every time we had the ball. He insisted I was his good luck charm. It was kind of cute but it kind of hurt--he was pretty drunk and it was an intense game. Anyway. I love that stuff.

What's that? There's beer in the fridge? I'm there.

Alright. I'm out.


Megan said...

if you love football movies, you should watch Friday Night Lights and if you haven't seen Wildcats with Goldie Hawn, thats a MUST SEE!!! its an old one, you know, back in the 80s...waaay back when..

Sparky said...

I haven't seen Friday Night Lights yet... it's definitely on the list. What have you been up to?