Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Party like a Rock Star

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope everyone is recovering nicely. I did my partying Sat night so I was able to enjoy all the sparkly explosiveness without fear (of losing a limb--we set our own fireworks off--more on that later.) I think it's a good idea at an outdoor party at 4 o'clock in the afternoon on the 2nd of July to serve water outside along with beer. I was outside, beer was outside, water was far away, inside. So what did I drink as if it were water? You guessed it.

Water would not have turned me into the raging retard that the beer did. My bf is so wonderful--when he saw how extremely drunk I was getting, he stopped drinking so he could drive me home (about 20 mins away.) I fell up some stairs, I smoked some weed, I made business deals to promote my friend's salon in return for free haircuts, I woke up with black and green bruises all over my legs (stairs?) and had the most horrific hangover at 4am. It was an awesome party. My ex was there and although I was worried that that would turn into an ugly scene (which I always worry about when he is around--he is very hard to handle when he's drunk) we managed to stay away from each other ( I think) and a good time was had by all.

This morning I'm racing around trying to get ready for my meeting... back to work! Chop Chop!

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