Monday, August 13, 2007

On Writing (is awesome)

I've been reading Stephen King's "On Writing". The first half is a memoir and the second half is pretty much an instruction manual. I love his instructions on writing: write like a maniac until you have the entire story out, then put it away for 6 weeks and don't even think about re-reading it. That's exactly what I've found that I have to do with stories I write... if I read them too soon after I write them, I hate them. I want to fix everything and more often than not, I throw it out. Sometimes I'll stuff them in a drawer or a box and when I find them some time later (usually the next time I move, which is practically every year) I read them and wonder what I thought was so terrible. Sometimes I'm actually impressed with my writing--but I keep those to myself because I don't want anyone to rain on my parade (whether it's deserved or not.)

What I really want to read is the new Harry Potter. I can't bring myself to pay the $20 for the hardcover, so I'm trying to restrain myself. It's actually not to difficult since I can't find a spare $20 anywhere, but God help me if I make a ton of money some night this week.

My court date is approaching next week and I have to make sure I have all my ducks in a row. I'm really nervous. I know exactly what I'm going to do, thanks to a wonderful friend with a law practice, but I'm still afraid they're going to find a reason to throw me back in jail. I wonder if everyone that's been in jail thinks that... it's pretty traumatizing. Maybe I'll make the s.o. go with me so he can tear me away and help me get to a non-extradition country. I'll have to do some more planning.

That's it for today... I've caught some cold and am fighting it off with Advil Cold & Sinus and a Miller Lite. I should probably trade that for some hot tea...


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