Thursday, April 28, 2005

Man, today was long. I left my house at 1:30 this afternoon and am just getting home; it's 11:01pm. There was a meeting at work to kick off a new liquor (AGAIN--does there really need to be 3 kickoffs? Kinda defeats the purpose...) and although we weren't required to attend, my friend/coworker, M, and I decided to go. We thought we'd sit through the boring meeting then have fun and hobnob with the big guys at the bar afterward. Well, we get to the meeting early, pick up our checks and posters and decide to ditch. We ran out of the building and went to eat and then to shop.

We shopped FOREVER. Now, I like shopping, but if you've read the previous posts, you know that I get tired of it really, really fast. On top of it all, I was breaking in new shoes and my feet are friggin killing me. I was good though, I only bought jeans for my boyfriend. I'm so proud of myself. Usually I'd say "Screw the bills!! I need new shoes!" and decide I'll worry about it tomorrow. Fortunately, that part of my brain seems to have been replaced and I'm slowly becoming a responsible member of society.

Has anyone ever noticed that making a new friend can be a bit like dating at first? You go out a few times, try not to call them too much so you don't seem like you have nothing else to do, you try to impress them a bit so they'll want to be your friend too, and you end up sharing your life story in one night and then slowly retell it as you get to know each other better. Maybe it's the other way--the potential boyfriend (or girlfriend) has to pass the friend test before they cross that line... I wouldn't really know. I've never dated anyone that was my friend first, well, not a close one.

Maybe this is all just crazy talk. I'm seriously in need of sleep, so that's possible. I'm out now. My boyfriend just called and here I come a'runnin!

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