Friday, April 29, 2005

There's been a lot of talk about avoiding wrinkles and skin cancer lately. I love sunless tanning products, especially Neutrogena. They make the best stuff that gives the best results--I'm natually so white I reflect the sun. I'm even a bit translucent, which I think is pretty cool but makes me appear sickly in the summer.

So I've learned to fake it. Now, not only do I fake that I lay out in the sun, I avoid the sun entirely. I'm terrified of getting skin cancer and not getting wrinkles is only a bonus. I think Clinique makes the best sun care products as far as makeup goes and I've tried more than a few... if I could only wear makeup and perfume and not have to worry about clothes, my money would be much more well spent and my life a little more stress-free. (Yeah, um, I don't let things like clothes stress me out really, but when you have to look nice every freakin day on very little income, it involves some creativity and can become stressful.)

I have been very good about not buying myself frivolous things lately, but I did get this perfume that I wanted all last year but every place had sold out of. It smells so so good and is very light.

I recommend it to everyone--I think it might be a unisex fragrance, like the original ck One, but it is a bit fruitier. It smells very clean and fresh, like you just took a shower.

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