Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Things I found out at my meeting yesterday:

1. Sweetwater is coming out with a summer beer called Summer Hummer. Seriously. On the label is says "Everyone loves a hummer." (Yes, the jokes will get old but they will be really funny at first!)
2.The Terrapin guys are not liars. They claim that their company is based in Athens, GA but their brewery is not. They are trying to raise the money to bring their brewery home... I hated them when I thought they were liars but now I'm rooting for them. GO TERRAPIN! Anyone that reads this should go buy their beer to help with their sales--it's really good!!
3. The new girl at work is really cool and I think I have a party partner! We have lots of parties to attend-- some required, some not--and now I have a friend to go with!
4. I should not pick up free bottles of liquor anymore because I'm starting to think that drinking before noon is fine. And getting drunk is okay too as long as I sleep it off before I have to go anywhere. Not fine. NOT okay.

And Today:
1. Procrastination is way too easy to rationalize... I should be working out but instead I'm updating my blog. Why? Well, it's almost like work, right? It's not like I'm watching TV or anything... um, kind of weak.
2. Rationalizing is really bad when you don't realize that you are lying to yourself. I think it's more important to know that you're doing something wrong and do it anyway than to tell yourself it's not really wrong and do it. BE HONEST.

That's all I got. I'm going to feed my energy drink addiction and get my butt moving. Literally. I only have a month!

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