Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Closet (Shower?) American Idol

Man, I can give some concert in the shower.

Just now I was singing away, hoping that my boyfriend would come home unexpectedly, hear me belting it out and stop in wonderment to listen. "Who is this girl?" he'll wonder. He'll tell me how awesome I sound, I'll start singing karaoke at bars until I have groupies and then I'll get signed by a record label and become a country superstar...

Right. That's what I'm fantasizing about while I'm dancing around the shower singing into an empty shampoo bottle.

Then I get out and the only audience member is Sam, an adorable 7 month old yellow lab that's been following me around all day pouting because I'm being lazy and he wants to play.

He appreciates my singing. He loves it. Really.

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