Friday, October 09, 2009

Checking my Impulses

Today was a pretty chill day.

Okay, that's even overstating what today was like. I told my coworker that I was working from home... I was working on my beauty sleep. I'm not exactly proud of slacking on my work, but I do feel like my mind and body needed it. Thankfully my job is such that if I slack off one week, I can make it up the next as long as I hit my numbers at the end of the month.

It's a procrastinator's dream.

And I actually learned a few things today. I learned that I have much less tolerance for crappy movies on DVD than I do for crappy movies on TV. If I turn on a crappy movie on TV, I'll probably watch it. Maybe it's because there are commercials to break it up, I can switch to another channel and come back to it or I can have it on while I do something else. When I rent a DVD, I purposefully put it into the machine, then settle down into the couch with snacks, drinks and a blanket to enjoy the movie. I devote all my attention to the movie.

And unfortunately, some just can't handle the scrutiny.

I'm not usually one to turn off a movie that I've rented--I figure there was something that appealed to me so I should give it a chance--but of the 5 movies I rented, I turned one off because I realized I'd already seen it (THAT was disappointing--how OLD am I?), one was just terrible but that's probably because it was a drug movie produced by MTV with a "My So-Called Life" vibe (Summer Phoenix--you are such a pretty girl with such a famous name--why the hell can't you ACT?) and I fell asleep during the END of another one. And I can't even care that I still don't know what happened. The other two movies are pretty good; one I've seen a thousand times before and will watch a thousand times again before I get sick of it and one I watched with my roommate and it scared the hell out of me (which was of course the point since it's October!)

On different note, I've been trying to keep my impulses under control lately. I'm going to the gym, trying (and often failing) to watch what I eat and I'm trying to keep my spending under control. That last one is not going so well. There is an impulse I've been good about denying and that one, well, let's just say that I'm on a celibacy kick. A complete celibacy kick. It's difficult but I'm trying to channel this creative energy into something positive.

Basically I'm wearing myself out at the gym and cooking more. That's usually positive unless I'm baking. Then I'm in trouble.

And now I'm off to get ready for the gym.

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