Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Good Morning! I'm up pretty early since I don't have much to do today and am considering going back to bed (after breakfast of course!) I'm such a productive person... riiiiiiiight.

Actually, I'm still pretty tired because I was up half the night watching "Monster." Now that's a GREAT way to spend a night alone in your boyfriend's house with all the strange noises and only a jumpy puppy for company. I'm not sure if Charlize Theron truly deserved to win that Oscar but she was hideous. She looked exactly like the actual serial killer and from what I've seen of her in interviews, acted like her too. It was hard to believe that under all that makeup and extra weight was this absolutely stunning woman.

The best acting advice I've ever heard was from Kevin Spacey on "Inside the Actors Studio." He said you have to let them think it's really you--that the character you're playing is so close to your own personality that it comes naturally. It really seems more like common sense but let anyone try to let another personality inhabit their body and mind and see how comfortable that is.

Which is why I'm not paid to act. I'm actually a terrible actress, though I love to do it. In school I was always in musicals and plays but never had a major part. Now I see that someone did know what they were doing, which is not what I thought at the time.

Everyone has their calling, right? Mine is obviously writing (that's probably pretty hilarious considering my content-deprived comments on this blog) and I'm steadily working toward realizing it.

I don't know if I got to the end of Monster. I better see if it's on HBO again (I might just be in luck) while I eat breakfast. I hope everyone has a beautiful day!

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