Monday, May 23, 2005

My controlled outburst

Have you ever sat and stared at someone while they explained in great and tedious detail something to you that you already knew?

Do you let them think you're a dumbass or do you quickly correct them and hope to God that they move on to something else?

I have a serious problem with authority. Not in a cool rebel way either. Mine is more passive-aggressive. I'll let them sit there, explain how to take care of something that I've already taken care of and then thank them for their advice. I figure my day will come.

Then I bitch to my poor boyfriend the entire way home about what assholes they are. I don't have a problem taking advice/instruction from someone that knows more than I do--it's the assholes that have sat through the entire instruction with me but, because I asked them a question about it, figure I must be confused and explain the entire thing again (verbatim) without answering my question that piss me off more than I can express without yelling and throwing things.

But I just thank them and research the answer myself. If they're too stupid to realize what was being asked, they deserve to stew in their self-congratulatory juices until the illusion of their superiority falls off the bone of their incompetant short-sightedness, with which I will pick my teeth. (ewww... hungry?)

My BF says get used to it... as long as you work for someone else, there will be somone to tell you what to do and to just tell them to kiss your big white ass.

Sounds good to me.

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